What does it mean to be a strong leader and entrepreneur?

Sometimes it is loud and in your face and other times it is the quiet fortitude to keep showing up even through very rough waters.

This week I attended my first mastermind in-person, a 3 day event in a shared house in Charlotte NC.

Most of us were strangers when we arrived and yet we committed to each other 3 fundamental principles from the moment we stepped foot into this shared experience.

  1. We would have each others backs unconditionally as this was a safe space to both rise and fall apart.
  2. We would share our best ideas and expertise to help each other reach their goals and expand their vision.
  3. We would be fully present and listen, love and encourage each other not just in this space but moving forward.

This is a room of remarkable business owners who have come together to mastermind.

Strong individuals, who simply refuse to quit even when life gets tough.

And let me tell you, life is tough when you are building your dreams.

Every single person in this photo is living a story that is heart wrenching – from unthinkable loss, to worries about money and strains in personal relationships to fears and isolation and yet that is NOT the full story.

Every single one of us, have decided that quitting is not an option. No on ourselves, on our dreams, on each other. 

As entrepreneurs, we all need spaces like this.

Perhaps even more so than we might even be able to imagine if we’ve never invested in being in an intimate space like this. Because honestly our collective strength is the key to staying strong.

We can’t do it solo.

We need human connection, shared experiences and fresh perspectives, and safe spaces.

As I look to my vision for 2024, I’ve made the decision to bring back both a virtual mastermind as well as add in in-person mastermind experiences.  These will be curated, high touch experiences which small groups of people ready to dive into the deep end.

If this sounds like something you are ready for or are curious about, book a call and let me know so I can share more details as these plans begin to take shape.

If you are thinking you’re not ready, sit and reflect on what is holding you back.

Nothing is certain in this journey. However our strength to endure adversity lies in locking arms together and choosing to let hope drive us, not fear.

Let’s walk the road together and big epic legacies and empires.

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