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Explore the Options of Group Mentoring with Christine

To create thriving business empire, YOU need a clear and compelling scalable growth strategy that you can implement to achieve YOUR business goals.

Christine Campbell Rapin

CEO, Business Strategist, Mentor, Speaker and Author

Attention Empire Makers:
No More Playing Small!

Whether you’re in growth mode with existing services or looking to branch out with new offers, many visionary business owners hit a wall where they start to feel disconnected to their ideal buyers.

Your see a noticeable drop in your client conversion rates and your marketing starts to look and sound like everyone else in the marketplace.

You know something needs to change but you don’t know what to change to ignite your client growth.

The answer is to go back to basics and get crystal clear on the foundations for scalable growth which is why our group programs focus on the 3 non-negotiables to fuel business growth:

  • Build an Audience of Buyers
  • Master Your Marketing Message
  • Make Value Based Offers that Convert Consistently

To change your current reality, you must equip yourself with the skills and capabilities needed to become a multiple six and seven figure CEO.

You may need to finetune and learn new skills on this growth journey as your ideal buyer is constantly evolving.

The most successful business owners know that getting support from seasoned business owners and peers can be a great way to kickstart the needed change.


When you ignite your client growth engine, you become the creator of your business empire.

Why Invest & Choose to
Be Mentored by Christine

Let My $10K Mistake Benefit Your Bottom Line, My Story:

I personally know how costly it can be to buy into the “Field of Dreams” business strategy; you know the one, where you build things and hope they come? Only they don’t come, and you have crickets where no one is investing in your program and services?

When I first launched my business in 2018, I spent over $10K USD with a big named guru to learn how to launch a course.

I had visions of creating a passive income stream where once I launched it, clients would be signing up by thousands (like the examples I saw in their marketing materials.) I dedicated 9 months creating content, tweaking, and refining a program that I launched with anticipation and massive butterflies in my stomach.

And I waited for the sales to roll in. And I waited…

After 3 months after the launch, I still had NO paying clients.

I started to cut the price of the program and ramp up my social media even more.

Still no clients.

I offered it for free in exchange of testimonials and had 3 takers and only 1 completed the program.

At that point, the guru was offering another high-ticket program to help us “Market” the program and it hit me like a hammer…

OMG!! I had spent all this time and money focused on building a program without building an audience of buyers.

It was ironic when I look back now because, I’ve spent a lifetime (25+ years) helping other businesses building an audience of buyers. I’d guided them to build their client growth engine and as a result they enjoyed consistent revenue and could easily expand their service offering and fill their programs profitably.

How had I completely forgotten to build the foundations for my own business?

As business owners , we all need to learn how to build a client growth engine.

However at this stage, having felt let down by the guru, I wasn’t willing to pay another $10k for their next program.

I decided to use the tools I already had acquired and make it my mission to help others identify and build an audience of buyers for a fraction of the cost of most programs in the marketplace that are so filled with fluff people do not see a strong ROI.

So, this is why this program exists.

I am offering to guide and mentor you to build the client growth foundations for YOUR business.

No more excuses of why the sales aren’t happening.

No more playing small with our big dreams.

Business Growth CAN Be Elegantly Simple

When you know WHO your ideal buyer is and HOW to identify and attract them consistently.

This is exactly what you will learn in this 6-week hands-on group program.

It is time to Ignite Your Client Growth.

What Will You Accomplish in the Program

During the 6 Month Group Program You Will:

  • Gain clarity on what you stand for that makes you unique in the market place.
  • Gain clarity on the problems you solve for your clients and the results they seek and how to position your offer to attract buyers.
  • Be able to articulate why you are the must hire choice for your ideal client to partner with to achieve the results they seek.

The Program Structure:

I want you to have as much opportunity as possible to absorb these lessons and more. That’s why the program includes the following support:

  • Bi-Weekly hour-long group training sessions with focus work each week. All calls will be on Tuesdays at 4pm PST / 7pm EST.
  • Open office hour once per month with Christine, typically on Thursdays or Fridays. These office hours are open to all group participants.
  • A private What’s App Group for where you can get additional support, ask questions, seek feedback and bounce ideas together.
  • Maximum 25 business owners will be accepted into this program per group so that we can offer high impact / high touch / high result value for each business owner.

Program Results:

  • You will know who you want to attract, be able to identify them and position your business as the must hire choice.
  • You will have the foundations in place to achieve consistent and predictable client growth and have a clear repeatable strategy to build your revenue and authority status in the marketplace.
  • You will be able to effectively share YOUR ideal buyer foundational framework with your staff and contractors to ensure you have congruency and consistency across all of your business touchpoints which is key in building buyer trust.
  • You will have more clarity around the impact you are creating which will lead to more confidence to make better investment decisions with your marketing, sales and operations moving forward.

The time is NOW to say YES and register for the next class.

By investing in this program you will get clear so that you have a dialed in strategy where you get more YES’s to your offers without working 24/7 with a simple client conversion strategy you can execute.

I promise that I won’t leave out critical steps in building your client growth engine like I personally experienced working with a big named guru.

What Clients Have to Say

“Five months into our third year, we brought in more gross revenue than the entire previous year. And in just six months we’d claimed more revenue than the previous two years.”

We met at a time when I was in a massive transition. I had recently made the decision to leave my full-time job and focus full-time on my business. I took the leap to bet on myself and while I was very committed to this change, I had no idea what I was doing – I was heading into uncharted territory and I knew I would need help. Christine opened my eyes up to what was possible.

Christine is a great strategic thinking partner and helps me to vet new opportunities – including leveraging her knowledge and experience to prioritize what we should go after now and what might be something to shelf for later.

Ashlan Glazier-Anderson
Owner: AshBeanPDX Marketing

Why this Ignite Your Client Growth Program?

During the 6 month group program, you will be supported by a mastermind like experience where you will get to a deep understanding of the key questions that drive buyer behaviour. While these questions may see basic or questions you’ve explored before, most business owners only have a surface level understanding of their buyer. As a result, their marketing isn’t landing with an ever-evolving marketplace and sales decline.

By understanding your ideal buyer deeply, you will know how to identify, attract and position yourself as the MUST HIRE choice. As RESULT, you create a client growth engine whereby your ideal buyers consistently choose to invest TODAY with your programs and services.

Program Components

Stand Out In the Sea of Sameness

Clarifying Your Ideal Buyer

Root Cause/Problem
Of Your Ideal Buyer

What Makes You
The Must Hire Choice

Mapping Out
Your Sales Process

Overcoming Objections

The combination of personal support in the Ignite Your Client Growth Program will accelerate your results and bring the joy back in the journey of building your empire.

Why Invest in this Program NOW?

This program IS what you are looking for because unlike most programs out there, this program goes beyond the theory.

This is a program where you will get clear and start executing your client growth strategy that fits YOUR business.

If you are tired of spinning your wheels and throwing valuable time and money at strategies that simply aren’t working it is time to say ENOUGH.

Despite the hype in the marketplace and what the gurus tell you, business is not a numbers game.

Doing more of what isn’t working to build your client base and expecting different results is the definition of crazy.

With the right buyer, the right messaging and the right offer, one conversation can lead to a new client and finding more of the right buyers is how you scale.

If you have any doubts that this is the right program for you, ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • What is a single client worth to your business?
  • Imagine if you have multiple clients, every month, consistently from now until forever, what would that be worth?
  • Are you prepared to wait for “someday” to start making the impact you envisioned when you first launched your business or will today be “day one” to making it a reality?

The investment is $1,400 USD per month or 1 payment of $7,500 USD.

Most business owners make an immediate ROI with their first 2-3 new client however our goal is to help you build a client growth engine. That means not just a single new client, but many clients – for the lifetime of your business, talk about a strong ROI!

Join this program NOW only if you are committed to learning to master the skill of being able to identify buyers and get paid what you are worth. Remember we are only accepting 25 participants into the program per group. 

Every day you don’t learn the skills of being able to identify and attract buyers costs you more than you can afford. Why wait to start attracting more buyers to your programs and services?

The time is NOW to Ignite Your Client Growth.


Value of the group program:

12 Hours of Group Training = $10,400 USD
6 Weeks of Office Hours Q&A Support = $5,200 USD
Total Value: $15,600 USD
Total Investment: $1,400 USD per month or 1 payment of $7,500* USD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?
  • This program is designed to support growing service-based businesses.
  • Business owners who are not seeing consistent client growth and feel that they should be further along in their business both in terms of income and impact by now.
  • Business owners that are tired of the excuses and know that living in your comfort zone isn’t delivering the results you want to see in your businesses.
  • Business owners that are prepared to take uncomfortable action and try something new knowing you won’t be perfect the first few times and are prepared to learn and embrace new skills and approaches.
Who is this program not for?
Business owners who rely on the following marketing strategies and are not prepared to replace these with more effective strategies:

  • Spamming prospects through unsolicited DMs.
  • Posting on social media platforms “comment below to learn how to make $10K in 30 days” or the like.
  • Join social media groups only to promote programs or services.
  • View networking as more about what you can get than what you can give.
  • You only want to buy ads and have no interest in organically reaching new buyers.
How much time do I need to dedicate to this group program?

We would recommend you commit a minimum of 1-3 hours a week to maximize the results from this program.

  • Group training sessions will be on Tuesdays at 4pm PST / 7pm EST and run 60 minutes. While recordings will be available if you cannot attend live, it is highly recommended you commit to being in the room as this is where the greatest impact will be made the quickest.
  • Attending the monthly office hours is optional. They will be 60 minutes and be held typically on Thursdays or Fridays. You can use this opportunity to co-work and complete your homework and as time permits request a hotseat to request real time feedback on the insights you’ve gained from your homework and market research.
  • You should be prepared to conduct market research regularly to speak to real people to help you gain clarity around the needs and desires of your ideal clients.
Where will weekly meetings take place?
  • All sessions will take place on zoom on a unique link which will be shared to all registered classmates.
  • We recommend you come live to all sessions with a mindset of being present and actively engaging with others in the program to maximize the value you will receive.
All sessions will take place on zoom on a unique link which will be shared to all registered participants.
  • We recommend you come live to all sessions with a mindset of being present and actively engaging with others in the program to maximize the value you will receive.
Will the sessions be recorded if I have to miss a live session?
  • Yes. The video recording of each training session as well as the Q&A sessions will be shared to course classmates within 24 hours of the session.
  • Recordings will be accessible for up to 4 months after the 6-week program concludes.
How do I book my BONUS 30-minute 1-1 coaching call (if applicable)?
  • The first 5 classmates who register will receive a bonus 30-minute 1-1 coaching call to be scheduled any time in the next 90 days.
  • You will be sent a scheduling link with various availability.
Is there a Satisfaction Guarantee?
  • Yes. There is a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • If you show up to class, actively participate in the group coaching calls and turn in the weekly assignments and you aren’t completely satisfied by the end of the 2nd session, notify me in writing to, I will refund your money in full.

Still Have Questions?

If you have additional questions about the program, please reach out. We are happy to answer them to ensure you can make the RIGHT decision that will help you to create a SUCCESSFUL business.

Another Client Success Story

Christine has provided so much value. The value is is literally life changing for those who are looking to rebuild and build from scratch better businesses.

Tamryn Dicks (South Africa): Owner of Pharsyde Business Builder & Pharsyde Accounting.

About Your Business Mentor

Christine Campbell Rapin is a business mentor and the owner of CLEAR Acceleration Inc. She is an energetic, tell-it-like-it-is advisor, mentor, consultant and speaker with more than 25 years’ experience in marketing, sales and operations working with start ups to the biggest companies on the planet. She believes that business can be elegantly simple when you know what to focus on to create success. Christine is a 3x international best-selling author, holds has a Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA in International Business. She has worked with over 400 companies to create over a billion dollars in revenue through focusing on the fundamentals to create predictable client growth.