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The struggle for business owners to find buyers is real and you may be questioning how you will create the business empire you desire if you cannot find more clients.

You know you can’t continue on this path where the inputs aren’t creating results if you want to make that positive impact.

It is time to go all in and take the uncomfortable actions required to make your dreams a reality by working with a mentor and business bestie.

I’ve helped a lot of businesses improve both their top and bottom line impact by creating a client growth engine so they have a scalable and sustainable business that supports the lifestyle they crave.

Topics we might cover during our conversation include:

  • Gain clarity on the problem you solve and why solving it matters to your audience of buyers.
  • Where to meet more people and grow your audience of buyers.
  • How to identify gaps in your marketing and sales strategy that increase the movement of qualified buyers who are seeking out your programs and services.
  • How to make more impact and $$$ in the both short and medium term.
  • How to utilize storytelling to stand out from the sea of sameness.
  • Reconnect with your why and tackle the imposter syndrome that is running rampant.

Not every business owner wants to build a $1M+ business however I am betting you want to make a heck of a lot more impact than you do currently.  

You may need to develop the strategies, skills and mindset to create your business empire and I have experience that may help you reach your goals with less stress, less time and less money and trying to figure everything out on your own. 

In this ONE call, we will finetune your messaging or positioning that opens the door to more impact and money simply by reaching and serving more buyers.

We can also explore the programs and services CLEAR Acceleration Inc. offers that may support you to reach your goals in a structured and expedited manner.

To have a productive conversation, the more I know about your situation and what steps you have already taken the more targeted the discussion will be – so you definitely want to complete this form. 

All information shared will be kept fully confidential. Note the calendar link to select your time will be be found on the thank you page after submitting this form. Look forward to connecting. 

I’m looking forward to connecting with you and understanding your vision for creating your business empire and how I may best support you to make it a reality.

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About Your Business Mentor

Christine Campbell Rapin is the CEO and owner of CLEAR Acceleration Inc. She is an energetic, tell-it-like-it-is advisor, mentor, consultant and speaker with more than 25 years’ experience in marketing, sales and operations working with startups to the biggest companies on the planet. To date, she has worked with more than 400 businesses from around the world and across industries to create a combined revenue in excess of one billion dollars.

She is a sought after mentor because of her expertise, track record and capabilities to serve as a thinking partner to fellow business owners on their journey to creating highly profitable businesses that make a positive impact in the world.

Christine is a 3x international best-selling author, has a Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA in International Business from a top 100 school globally, lives in Canada and is married with 2 bonus daughters.