About Your Business Mentor


Christine Campbell Rapin is the CEO and owner of CLEAR Acceleration Inc. She is an energetic, tell-it-like-it-is advisor, mentor, consultant and speaker with more than 25 years’ experience in marketing, sales and operations working with start ups to the biggest companies on the planet. To date, she has worked with more than 400 business from around the world and across industries to create a combined revenue in excess of one billion dollars.

She is a sought after mentor because of her expertise, track record and capabilities to serve as a thinking partner to fellow business owners on their journey to creating highly profitable businesses that make a positive impact in the world.

Christine is a 3x international best-selling author, has a Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA in International Business from a top 100 school globally, lives in Canada and is married with 2 bonus daughters.

On a Personal Note:

Building a business empire is not for the faint of heart and doing so without support from experienced business mentors seems just as wild as ziplining through the trees without safety measures in place including zipline guides and specialized equipment.

This is a photo of me, trusting the guides and the equipment along with myself to make the next climb to the highest platform of the day.

I hated having this photo taken.

I was struggling to pull myself up the line to reach the summit of the zipline platform. My arms were jelly. I wanted to give in. I wanted someone to smooth the way and pull me up. I was swearing at my husband who wanted to capture the moment. The truth was, this moment wasn’t pretty.

I kept climbing inch by inch pulling my weight up the line to the summit which was to the longest zipline of the day. Incredible views awaited and a 60 second ride down (800 m) through fields, caves and to the distant ocean where whales were swimming.

Perseverance in pursuit of our dreams is never an effortless path, nor must we make the journey solo for the journey to be worth it.

In life and in business we need both expert guides and safety nets on the pathway to success.

That is exactly what I am for online business owners looking to create impact and income and build their business empires. Whether they are solopreneurs or running global multi-million dollar businesses – I’ve worked with them.

I’m a business mentor and consultant with more than 25 years of experience and expertise in marketing, sales and operations. Over the years I’ve supported more than 400 businesses to create over a billion dollars in revenue. I have a Bachelor of Commerce, and an MBA in International Business from the University of Edinburgh Scotland.

If you are ready to move beyond theory and ideas towards creating actionable strategies that build confidence and deliver results, the time is NOW for action.


I can help you create a client growth engine and:

  • Build, polish and refine your business skills to build your business empire.
  • Cultivate the daily habits to support the lifestyle AND business you dream of.
  • Help you establish priorities and be accountable for focusing on progress over perfection.
  • Make faster, more confident decisions and iterate  your business vision and both you and the marketplace evolves.

Let’s make the climb together.

What Clients Have to Say

“Reaching the point of recognizing that the whole of me, and what I value, gets to be part of my business journey has been so freeing.”

I had taken part in some of Christine’s webinars and her straightforward approach, as well as her concept that ‘business is elegantly simple,’ really resonated with me. At that point in my business life things certainly felt less than elegantly simple.

My biggest pain point was not having clarity on my niche, or how to present what I offer, and despite other programs I have tried, I couldn’t get out of my own head, or my own way, to figure it out.

She willingly explores what it is that you really want, allowing you to grow a business that truly reflects you. Taking the time to dig into the weeds to find out what was holding me back and making things feel so cloudy was a very affirming and clarifying process.

Christine was a valuable listening partner and guided me into areas of introspection that allowed for movement forward.

Cindy Morris

Owner: Shift Within

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Here are a Few of Her Speaking Topics:

  • Elegantly Simple Business Growth: Attract More Buyers Without Complicated Tech or Big Ad Budgets

  • Fractured to Focused: 3 Non-Negotiables You Need to Focus on Daily to Achieve Consistent Client Growth

  • High Ticket Highway: Marketing Essentials for Attracting High Paying Clients

  • The Domino Effect: How to Shift from Having a Hobby Business to Creating a Thriving Business.

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3x International Best Selling Author

Christine has written 3 international best selling books including:

  • Evolvepreneur (After Hours) Show – Volume 1 which went international best seller in 4 countries in 2024. Her chapter is Get More Podcast Guest Invitations with these 5 Strategies
  • Jump Start Your ______, Vol XI  which went international best seller in 7 countries in 2023. Her chapter is: Jumpstart Your Business Growth
  • Heal: 4.0 – You Have the Power which went international best seller in 2 countries in 2022. Her chapter is: Plot Twist: I’ve Been Fired!

Awards & Industry Recognition

Nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year (2022)

The Entrepreneur of the Year Award goes to a solopreneur or entrepreneur who is working hard in their business, and whose efforts show. They are seen as a pillar in their community and a leader in their industry.

I am on a mission to help more heart-centred service based business owners scale to 6 figures on beyond. I truly believe we’re over complicating business and letting our limiting beliefs hold us back from making tremendous impact. Every day people are looking for people with specialist knowledge to improve their lives and it is an honour to help businesses owners get out of the shadows to serve them at the highest level while building a dream business that supports the life they desire. Get Clear. Gain Confidence. See Results is my motto.

Nominated for People’s Choice Award – Canada (2022)

The People’s Choice Award goes to solopreneur or entrepreneur is one who understands and demonstrates that it takes a community to grow a heart-centred business.

I started my own community back in 2018 when I first began my journey as a business owner. It was called Entrepreneurs Chasing Dreams & Making A Positive Impact. It has since evolved to become the Scale Your Business to 6 Figures & Beyond Facebook group to better support the core goals and focus of the membership. Together we can achieve our big dreams as a rising tide lifts all boats.

Another Client Success Story

“Christine helped me to set up a simple tracking system for inquiries and past clients that enables me know what to focus on.

As a result I am more confident as a business owner and I’ve managed to shorten the time between inquiry, selling an item and getting paid which helps with cash flow.”

As a Mom of 3 while running multiple Airbnb and long term rental properties, it is sometimes hard to get everything done I want. I was overwhelmed by all the sales and marketing aspects of growing a business and I felt that I was working very hard but with no direction.

One of the biggest takeaways in my time working with Christine is that things aren’t as hard as they seem in my head. Having working sessions where we actually complete tasks has been a huge reduction to my overall stress levels, helped me to feel less overwhelmed while building my skills and confidence level.

I’m making so much progress in building capabilities and confidence with sales and marketing because of the 1-1 mentorship program with Christine that I’ve chosen to extend our partnership for a further 16 months.

Jessica Katz
Owner: Katz Fine Manuscripts