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Let Me Introduce Myself…


I am Christine Campbell Rapin and I help experts like you to create their client growth engine and take their business dream to reality so that you have the impact and lifestyle they dream of.

Let me show you how business growth CAN be elegantly simple.

If you are a creative service based business and…

    • You want to scale your business and build an empire at a sustainable rate without
      working 24/7 and yet feel like working “more” is the only option and that feels
      contrary to the lifestyle you want to create…
    • You feel that you’re perceived as the “likable” expert instead of the “must hire” expert and are struggling with client conversion rates…
    • You are feeling that your business is lost in the sea of sameness and that what used
      to work to attract clients is no longer working effectively because your messaging
      sounds just like everyone else and you are struggling to make the course
    • You know you should be earning more due to the level of expertise you have and yet you aren’t currently attracting that next level buyer or feel like you are in the right rooms for your next level of growth…
    • You are ready to expand your business capacity whether that means working with
      contractors or hiring your own team, and yet the thought of additional responsibility of hiring and leading feels complicated and risky…
Why Invest to Be Mentored by Christine Campbell Rapin

From Business Dream to Reality:

My goal as your business mentor is to leverage my 25+ years of expertise in creating over a billion dollars in revenue with over 400+ businesses and to help YOU build a clear and compelling scalable growth strategy that you can implement to achieve your business goals.


Specifically helping you to build a SCALABLE and SUSTAINABLE business by laying the 3 non-negotiable foundations for success so you take your business dreams and make them a reality.


  • Build an Audience of Buyers

  • Master Your Marketing Message

  • Make Value Based Offers that Convert Consistently

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What Clients Have to Say

CASE STUDY:  Jessica chose to hire Christine after she inherited a business.

“As a Mom of 3 while running multiple Airbnb and long term rental properties, it is sometimes hard to get everything done I want. I was overwhelmed by all the sales and marketing aspects of growing a business and I felt that I was working very hard but with no direction.

One of the biggest takeaways in my time working with Christine is that things aren’t as hard as they seem in my head. Having working sessions where we actually complete tasks has been a huge reduction to my overall stress levels, helped me to feel less overwhelmed while building my skills and confidence level.

I’m making so much progress in building capabilities and confidence with sales and marketing because of the 1-1 mentorship program with Christine that I’ve chosen to extend our partnership for a further 16 months.”

Jessica Katz
Owner: Katz Fine Manuscripts


SOLUTION: “Christine helped me to set up a simple tracking system for inquiries and past clients that enables me know what to focus on. As a result I am more confident as a business owner and I’ve managed to shorten the time between inquiry, selling an item and getting paid which helps with cash flow.”

Tips for Service Based Business to Attract More Clients