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“Business growth can be elegantly simple when you learn to attract an audience of buyers, master your marketing message and make offers that deliver valuable RESULTS.”

Christine Campbell Rapin

CEO, Business Strategist, Mentor, Speaker and Author

Free E-Book to Create a Client Growth Engine:

25 Ways to Attract An Audience of Buyers

Fact: Without A Strong Pipeline of Buyers for Your Services Your Business is on Life Support

In this 11-page E-book you will learn:

  • 25 Different Ways to Attract More Buyers
  • How to Identify a Buyer with 3 Characteristics
  • 4 Steps You Need to Focus on To Take Someone From Simply Curious to a Paid Client.

Build Your Business Empire

And BE the Change You Want to See in the World

I’m Christine Campbell Rapin owner of CLEAR Acceleration Inc.

I firmly believe that scalable growth doesn’t have to be complicated or require you to work 24/7.

Success requires you to have a clear business strategy and a deep understanding of the 3 non-negotiable business foundations that fuel new client growth for every business on the planet.

Business owners reach out to work with us when they’ve are frustrated because they know with absolute certainty, that there is so much more potential to create impact and income with their business, and yet they recognize that their current strategies or team aren’t creating the desired growth result they believe is possible.

Business owners (like you) who want to build multiple six and seven figure business empires and yet feel stalled at their current results.

They recognize the value in partnering with a business mentor and strategic advisor that has a solid track record creating client growth for businesses of all sizes, working alongside them to craft a business strategy they can implement with elegant simplicity that delivers accelerated and profitable results.

Client growth always comes down to having a clear business strategy in place that answers the following elegantly simple questions:

    • What does the next buyer really want?
    • Why would a buyer choose our business to invest with to achieve a desired result?
    • Where do we find more buyers that are willing to invest in our programs and services today – not someday?
    • How do we connect and communicate with future buyers that leads to more offers being accepted resulting in profitable growth?

We help clients gain clarity and be able to confidently answers to these elegantly simple questions in our 1-1 Business Scale Accelerator Mentorship or Ignite Your Client Growth Group Programs.

We also focus on building the 3 non-negotiable business foundations needed to fuel consistently profitable client growth:

    • Learn to identify and attract an audience of buyers.
    • Master the marketing message to move a potential buyer from curious to paid client predictably in a short period of time.
    • Create and make offers that deliver valued results as viewed by the buyer so that you experience consistently high client conversion rates.

When you are ready to take the guess work out of creating your business strategy and discover the 3 non-negotiable business foundations that deliver predictable, profitable results for YOUR business, we invite you to partner with us to make your business dreams a reality.

Create a Client Growth Engine & Build Your Business Empire with Business Mentor Christine Campbell Rapin

About Your Business Mentor

Christine Campbell Rapin is the CEO and owner of CLEAR Acceleration Inc. She is an energetic, tell-it-like-it-is advisor, mentor, consultant and speaker with more than 25 years’ experience in marketing, sales and operations working with start ups to the biggest companies on the planet. To date, she has worked with more than 400 business from around the world and across industries to create a combined revenue in excess of one billion dollars.

She is a sought after mentor because of her expertise, track record and capabilities to serve as a thinking partner to fellow business owners on their journey to creating highly profitable businesses that make a positive impact in the world.

Christine is a 3x international best-selling author, has a Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA in International Business from a top 100 school globally, lives in Canada and is married with 2 bonus daughters.

Upcoming Events

Attract More Buyers Without Big Advertising Budgets or Tech

Attract More Buyers Without Big Advertising Budgets or Tech

Join this LIVE 1-hour event and discover:

  • How to Identify Potential Buyers
  • Understanding Buying Signals
  • What is Working Right Now
  • 2 Key Predictors of Growth in the Next 90 Days

Client growth CAN be elegantly simple.

We’ll be showing you what to focus on to attract a high paying client who wants what you offer and is willing to invest and sharing client success stories.

July 18th, 2024

Time: 6am PST /9am EST (1 Hour)

Cost: $20 USD

Ask Me Anything Open Q&A Sessions with Christine Campbell Rapin

Ask Me Anything Q&A Session

Join this LIVE 1-hour Q&A event with your questions around:

  • How to Identify Potential Buyers
  • Understanding Buying Signals
  • What is Working Right Now to Move Someone From Curious to Paid Client
  • Offer Reviews

Client growth CAN be elegantly simple when you know what to focus on and are supported by a business expert who has helped more than 400 businesses create over $1B in combined revenue.

July 19th, 2024

Time: 12pm PST /3pm EST (1 Hour)

Cost $10 USD

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