Book Publications

Evolvepreneur (After Hours) Show – Volume 1

A unique anthology that brings together the insights of seven seasoned entrepreneurs, each an expert in their respective field.

My chapter is Get More Podcast Guest Invitations with These 5 Strategies

Authors include:

  • John North
  • Mechelle McDonald
  • Richard Wray
  • Christine Campbell Rapin
  • David Kitchen
  • Manny Skevofilax
  • Tamara Pflug 
  • Tony Pisanelli 
Evolvepreneur (After Hours) Show - Volume 1 is 4x International Best Selling Book featuring 8 business owners including Christine Campbell Rapin

Grab your copy for $20 USD.

JumpStart Your ____ (Volume 6)

The 10 authors in this book have experiences and expert knowledge that can help you jumpstart just about any area of your life, health, relationships, and business or career. If you find yourself a little stuck somewhere, this book will help you take that next step you need to take now to move closer to your goals. Jumpstart Your ___ is a series of compilation books that have helped 80 entrepreneurs become published authors including me now!

My chapter is JumpStart Your Business Growth

Grab your copy for $20 USD.

HEAL 4.0 – You Have the Power

Powerful Stories of Healing, Providing Hope & Inspiration.

My chapter is PLOT TWIST: I’ve Been Fired!

Authors include:

  • Abigail Teixeira
  • Ashley Cruz
  • Becca MacLean
  • Candace Desjardins
  • Christine Campbell Rapin
  • Cindy Gosselin
  • Kristen Vaccher
  • Leigh N. Schutzky
  • Melanie Houlker
  • Roxanne Tougas-Schiewe
  • Samantha Kirouac
  • TJ Stone
  • Tonia Anselmo

Grab your copy for $20 USD.

Awards & Industry Recognition

Nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year

The Entrepreneur of the Year Award goes to a solopreneur or entrepreneur who is working hard in their business, and whose efforts show. They are seen as a pillar in their community and a leader in their industry.

I am on a mission to help more heart-centred service based business owners scale to 6 figures on beyond. I truly believe we’re over complicating business and letting our limiting beliefs hold us back from making tremendous impact. Every day people are looking for people with specialist knowledge to improve their lives and it is an honour to help businesses owners get out of the shadows to serve them at the highest level while building a dream business that supports the life they desire. Get Clear. Gain Confidence. See Results is my motto.

Nominated for People’s Choice Award – Canada

The People’s Choice Award goes to solopreneur or entrepreneur is one who understands and demonstrates that it takes a community to grow a heart-centred business.

I started my own community back in 2018 when I first began my journey as a business owner. It was called Entrepreneurs Chasing Dreams & Making A Positive Impact. It has since evolved to become the Scale Your Business to 6 Figures & Beyond Facebook group to better support the core goals and focus of the membership. Together we can achieve our big dreams as a rising tide lifts all boats.

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Magazine Guest Articles & Blogs

Bold Journey Magazine. From Indecisive to Confident: Developing Decision-Making Skills  with Christine Campbell Rapin

Bold Journey Magazine

Leadership Development

From Indecisive to Confident: Developing Decision-Making Skills

February 2024

The Unapologetic Woman Rempowerment Magazine

A Letter to the Woman I’m Becoming

January 2024

The Unapologetic Woman Magazine Q1 2024

The Unapologetic Woman Rempowerment Magazine

The Art of Mastery as a Business Woman

October 2023

The Possible Woman Magazine

3 Non-Negotiables to Focus on To Attract High Paying Clients Consistently

September 2023

The Unapologetic Woman Rempowerment Magazine

Like a Woman

Sales Success Simplified

July 2023

SHEcorporated Magazine

Elegantly Simple Growth – Find More Clients Consistently

May 2023

Unapologetic Woman Celebration Magazine

The Romance Edition

Q1 2023

Media Interviews

Storytime: Meet Christine Campbell Rapin


March 20th, 2023

Five Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I First Launched My Business or Startup

Authority Magazine Interview with Douglas Noll.

February 12, 2023

Accelerate the Growth of Your Business

Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Christine Campbell Rapin, CEO of CLEAR Acceleration Inc., located in Cochrane, AB, Canada.

Go Solo – August 3rd, 2022

Want to Interview or Invite Christine to Speak At Your Event ?