Two Things predict your revenue in the next 90 days:

➡️How many people you are meeting and how many offers you are making.

Sales is the oxygen in your business.

It really is that simple.

Helping business owners to convert more clients is the key results clients are seeking and enjoy when they choose to work with me in the Business Scale Accelerator Mentorship Program.

Here are 3 ways this past week I helped current clients to build stronger sales skills and improve their client conversion rates.

  1. One client shared her recent offer emails that have not resulted in sales conversions. Upon review I sent feedback on 3 areas she could finetune to better lead the conversation for more impactful results. We are going to do a working session together to craft these emails so she has a sales process to follow for future sales opportunities. One that creates consistent higher client conversion rates. . 2. With another client we conducted a website review as we have spent the last month repositioning the business owners messaging on LinkedIn and in their networking infomercial which was driving \more traffic to the website. The audit identified that the website copy was too focused on education and did not guide the prospect to connect why he is the must hire choice to bridge the gap identified by the education. The next step will be to restructure the copy and overall flow. This will includes action steps that help the prospect move towards a compelling offer starting with a free lead magnet and nurture sequence.
  2. One client is prepping for her first small business tradeshow. We reviewed the marketing assets along with the pre and post event communication plans to nurture leads. I provided feedback on how to better focus the communication on what’s in it for the prospect. Knowing the desired results from the prospects point of view and why they should choose to work with this amazing team is key to client conversion. As a result the business owner has a focused offer to talk about at this event that will have the most appeal and create engagement and result in more qualified leads being captured.

Imagine how more effective your sales approach could be and the positive impact it would have on client conversion rates if you had a dedicated thinking partner in your inner circle. A seasoned business owner who has extensive experience in sales, marketing and operations to help you achieve consistent RESULTS!!! This is exactly the value I bring my clients in the Business Scale Accelerator Mentorship Program.

I’ve worked with over 400 businesses to generate close to a Billion dollars of revenue over the past 25+ years. I believe firmly that there isn’t just one way to build a business and it is essential for you to understand and focus on the 3 foundations of audience building, mastering your messaging and presenting offers that convert in order to create repeatable success.

If you would like to explore whether mentorship with CLEAR Acceleration Inc is the right next step for you to achieve sales results, let’s set up a virtual coffee.


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