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I have a strongly held belief that strategy is NOT the same as strategic planning.

Strategy is the roadmap and strategic planning is the packing list for the journey. 

It’s hard to reach your destination if you don’t first know where you want to go.🎯

So let me share a secret that all of my clients (past and current) already know: 🤫

Build the strategy if you want to keep life as a business owner elegantly simple on the journey to building your business empire.

Strategy is critical because it forms the backbone of integrated choices that will drive the day to day business decision making.🔥🔥🔥

In order to have an effective business strategy you must have a deep understanding of 4 key questions.

  1. What playing field do we want to play on? (Aka – the market niche.)
  2. How are we going to play on this specific field to grow our business? (Aka – the go to market strategy including the programs and services that deliver a specific result that buyers will pay for.)
  3. What makes us different than others already playing in the competitive field? (Aka – the reason we are viewed as the must hire for the ideal buyer who desires a specific result.)
  4. What resources/capabilities do we need to WIN on this specific playing field? (Aka – the skills and and capacity needed to deliver results.)


If you don’t know the answer to these questions, it is like trying to drive to a destination for a first time without an old fashioned map, a digital GPS or the stars to guide you. The odds of reaching your destination safely, or even at all, are slim.🙄

Let’s improve the odds of having you WIN in the marketplace by building the right strategy for YOU to create the life and business you dream of.

I offer 2 different strategic roadmaps to creating consistent client growth:

  • The 1-1 Mentorship Business Scale Accelerator Program🌟
  • The Ignite Your Client Growth Group Program (waitlist now open.)🌟

Both programs are designed to build the strategy that leads to client growth and provides flexibility to help you get where you want to go.💰

If you aren’t sure which roadmap is right for you, hit reply or book a call with me and we can explore the options based on your needs.🤗

It’s time to build the strategy that creates results. 😍

Your business mentor,

Christine Campbell Rapin

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