Vision casting big big dreams underneath a big blue infinite sky.

You have heard me say it before… clarity is the ultimate catalyst for growth.

Along the journey of building we get caught in the weeds and minutiae. We stop dreaming and instead focus on doing.

I know personally I have found myself getting scared of the bigness of what I truly want and what I can see is  truly possible when I lean into growth and not fear.

The opportunities exist.

I can see the evidence.

The invitations are happening and my inner circle keep asking me what are you so afraid of?

Put down your excuses and have faith in the ability rise to the occasion.

As I sit here in quiet reflection, where the elements of nature are spinning all around me, I feel the calling to start moving in earnest and take those first steps.

I am laying the foundations.

New expanded dreams.

New communities I am joining.

New opportunities to lead (myself and others).

Renewed confidence in self.

Do you want to ride the wave together???

It is going to be epic.

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