It’s time (or perhaps past time) to live your life unapologetically and go after your big dreams of building a business empire.

You may have heard the saying that you are the sum of the people you spend time with… I believe this to be true.

That is why, this year I want you to find (or go create and declutter) your tribe so that you are surrounded by only the audacious individuals who are actively LIVING life and going after their dreams – unapologetically.

Last week my very good friend Elle Nagy launched the latest issue (#5) of The Unapologetic Woman Rempowerment Magazine, “I’m Possible.”

As promised, it’s a celebration of empowerment, resilience, and the boundless potential within us all.

What makes this edition so special to me is that most of the contributors are personal friends that I’ve either introduced to or met through Elle. Amazing women that have been past clients, people I’ve shared stages with, collaborated and written books and now magazines with.

It’s truly mind blowing what is possible when women gather as champions for each other and not adversaries. 

Each narrative in this lush magazine echoes the strength, authenticity, and power that resonates within every woman.

Make time to savor indulging in this experience from cover to cover.

Take time to breathe, reflect and see possibilities within the pages and within yourself.

Light the match to fuel your own dreams and be bold in sharing that light and warmth with others.

Visit Issue Five now.

As you’ll read in my article “A Letter to the Woman I’m Becoming” big shifts are happening and I’m going after my dreams unapologetically this year.  I feel so lit up I think they might see me glow from space (lol) and I hope you feel enclosed in the warm and always invited to share space at my table.

It’s go time.

Your business mentor,

Christine Campbell Rapin

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