Can we get real for a second?

Vanity metrics such as likes and comments on social media are not the best measure of the effectiveness of your content marketing.

What matters is the number of conversations you are having with your ideal client prospects and the actual client conversions from the offers you are extending.

Truthfully, in my own business the vast majority of my clients have NEVER engaged with a single social post before making a buying decision.

It is equally true that most of the people I make offers to, have also not openly engaged in my content on a public platform.

Both buyers (aka new clients) are passive consumers of my content.

They are quietly sitting in the back of the room, evaluating from a safe distance whether I am the right guide to help them achieve the results they seek.

They frequently binge watch my videos, listen to my podcast, attend webinars or summits that I speak on, check out my website, download free resources I offer in giveaways and prioritize reading my emails in their inbox😍.

With every piece of content that I create and they consume, I am earning their trust and establishing myself as the must hire option to go to when they are ready to seek professional support and mentorship.

If you are a high-ticket service provider, keep this in mind.

Your prospects are LESS likely to like and comment (especially if you are calling out a gap they are struggling with currently), but MORE likely to direct message you for more info or visit your website to learn more about your programs and services.

So, don’t hold back from keeping visible simply because you aren’t seeing those vanity metrics climb and feel that you aren’t receiving the engagement you seek.


Focus on building TRUST that you understand their journey and you are uniquely qualified to help guide them on their path.

Communicate the RESULTS that they can anticipate achieving over a period of time by working with you.

Invite them into safe spaces to have a conversation where they are in the drivers seat to either receive, accept or reject an offer of support.

Remaining consistent with your audience building, constantly refining your messaging and inviting people to ask about your programs and services by name are essential for consistent client growth.

Failing to do so means you will not be top of mind when they are ready to invest in their dreams and bet themselves.

If you aren’t celebrating where your business is at as we head into Q2 and want to learn more about the Business Scale Accelerator Mentorship Program or the Ignite Your Client Growth Group Program and how they are designed to help you achieve consistent client growth, let’s have that conversation.

Here is my link to book a virtual coffee.

If not when?

If now me, then who do you need as your guide to achieving results?

Look forward to connecting soon.


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