If You Are Looking for Clients in Networking Rooms…

You need to know that clients are aren’t networking like you.

They aren’t hanging out at business owner happy hours, networking meetings or meet ups.

Networking communities are NOT the primary place you will find clients (say what???? I hear you cry).

Trust me when I tell you, choosing networking as your primary hunting ground for new clients is a sure way to end up broke and is the fast lane to becoming increasingly frustrated and disillusioned when countless hours of networking fail to deliver new client results.

Networking CAN be incredibly powerful and it is time to rethink your expectations of networking groups and communities.

🌟You network to connect to other people’s networks.

🌟You network to build a group of advocates who become your word-of-mouth sales team.

🌟You network so that your name is brought up in rooms that you don’t even know about yet.

🌟You network to expand and identify opportunities.

The primary benefit of being part of  a networking community, when done effectively is LEVERAGE.

It’s about building relationships so you can introduce others to your clients and peers so that you are seen as more valuable in the market place.

Stop thinking that attending networking events are ALL about finding clients in the room – nobody wants to be hunted or feel like a meeting is an endless experience of hit and runs where people are only looking for their next buyer.

Get specific and strategic about who you need to meet to learn about your industry.

Get focused on finding collaborative partners that share the same audience of buyers.

Start conversations with peers that ARE out networking.

Brainstorm with peers on  how can you join forces to add more value to your own clients by combining your knowledge and expertise.

In networking communities, you aren’t selling each other.

You are learning about the industry opportunities by sharing knowledge and different view points of how to add value to your clients and network overall.

Networking CAN be incredibly effectively when you treat it is a strategy partnership to help you get into rooms where you next buyer IS hanging out searching for support.

And PLEASE, stop showing up as in networking communities as a vulture in search of your next prey (ok… that was harsh, your next client😉).

See the investment in networking communities for what they are – a huge opportunity for leverage and shift your experience and your RESULTS.

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