There is an ugly side to growing a successful business that we don’t often talk about openly.

The simple truth is that not everyone will be supportive of our dreams and some will go out of their way to talk trash about you and try to tear you down.

Sometimes the people who fail to support you are people you suspect may not 100% have your back and other times it is a complete stranger.

Both hurt and can do significant damage and influence the choices you make.

Having it happen to you, often publicly with so much social media everywhere, can feel like a complete sucker punch to your gut and leave you feeling short of breath.

This past week I encountered a hater who fell into the second category.

They are someone I’ve never met although they live local to me.

They have never approached me personally or previously engaged in any of my social media content, nor attended any of my events.

For all intensive purposes they are a complete stranger.

Unfortunately they are also what I think are the worst kind of haters business owners face in today’s virtual world… the keyboard warriors.

The ones who are really brave hiding behind a profile with no content, no photos, just a strong opinion about something they never seek to understand, rather prefer to sit in judgement and cast stones on public forums believing they are anonymous.

It sucks.

It can make you question your value and decision to step into a public arena to grow your business.

It can take up WAAAAYYY too much of your headspace even if you decide (as I did) not to respond and to simply delete the comment.

When this happens to you (or someone you know building a business or chasing a dream of any kind), remember who you show up for. 

It isn’t the haters and the small minded people who cannot see your vision.

You show up for those who DO and WILL see your vision and those who want to be part of the ripples you are creating. 

So I want to give you the pep talk that I gave myself over the weekend when this incident happened.

Keep showing up.

Keep clear on your value.

Breathe belief into your dreams and IGNORE the haters.

It is okay to quit the field for a few hours and lick your wounds, just don’t let someone steel your dreams indefinitely because of callousness.

Shrug the haters off and remember why you are in business in the first place – to change lives (yours and others). 

You’ve got this and if you need someone to remind you, I’m a simple email, text or call away.

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