Heroes of High-Ticket Business Growth Virtual Summit happening LIVE May 28-30th, 2024. This is for you if you are a business owner looking to scale profitably, without working 70+ hours a week with the marketing, sales, and operational know how to grow a highly scalable and profitable business through High-Ticket service offerings.

Thank You & Welcome to the VIP Inner Circle!

Heroes of High-Ticket Business Growth Virtual Summit

May 28 – 30, 2024


We are so excited that you’ve joined the VIP Inner circle and demonstrated your commitment to your own success.


The VIP Inner Circle offers you over $4,000 in additional resources that you will be able to use to catapult the success of your business fueled by high-ticket clients.


Over the 3 days, powerhouse  business experts are coming together to address the elephant in the room – why so many business owners WANT to offer High-Ticket Offers but struggle to ATTRACT buyers or successfully SCALE profitably while delivering epic RESULTS for clients.

Day 1:  Identify & Attracting High-Ticket Clients

Day 2 – How to Utilize the Power of Leverage to Fuel High-Ticket Client Growth Your Business

Day 3:  Learn to Connect With and Convert More High-Ticket Potential Clients

Event Details: 

Day 1:  8-4:30pm PST / 11-4:30pm EST

Day 2:  8-4:30pm PST / 11-4:30pm EST

Day 3:  9-2:30pm PST / 12-5:30pm EST


Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/91233265574

Bonus Resources From the Christine

Exclusive VIP Gift: 30-Minute More Buyers More Money Breakthrough Session (Value – $500)

In this ONE call, we will find crucial improvements to identifying your next buyer that opens the door to more impact and money and will serve as the foundation for repeatable high-ticket client growth.

Reserve Your Exclusive VIP Session Here.

Exclusive VIP Gift: After Glow Event Mastermind (Value – $1,000)

A 2-hour exclusive After Glow Mastermind Event on June 6th to get my personal expertise on key challenges and questions on your specific business. We will be focusing the discussion around how to utilize the 3 non-negotiable business foundations so you can apply them instantly to start creating a client growth engine with high-ticket clients to fuel long term profitable growth in your business in just days and months instead of years.

Save Your Seat for this Interactive Exclusive VIP Session Here.

Exclusive VIP Gift: Find Your Next Buyer & Ignite Your Client Growth Video Training (Value – $97)

An Video Training to Find Your Next Buyer & Ignite Your Client Growth which includes:

    • 3 Non-Negotiable Business Foundations that Fuel Client Growth for Every Business on the Planet.
    • How to Identify a Buyer with 3 Characteristics
    • 2 Activities that Will Predict Your Revenue in the Next 90 Days.

Access Your Exclusive VIP Training: Here 

Work with Christine Campbell Rapin to Build Your Business Empire

Bonus Resources From the Speakers

Featured Speaker - Biba Pedron talking about Turbo charge your revenue with under the radar confidence secrets even introverts can master.

Biba Pedron

Your Confidence Determines Your Revenue


Exclusive VIP Gift: 60 Minute Booster
Get Your One-On-One Laser Coaching (Value $1,000)

Booster Session With A Custom Marketing Strategy in just 60 Minutes…Guaranteed
Most of my clients double or triple their revenue in 90 days, why not you?

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Lynn Howard & Amanda Furgiuele

Badass Alliances: Build Your Business Like a Boss with Strategic Partnerships


Exclusive VIP Gift: The Badass Sales Course (Value $297)

Whether you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, or someone in the sales profession, this course will teach you everything you need to know about building your business and selling authentically.  Use Promo Code “TYFROMLA”

Reserve Your Exclusive VIP Resource Here.


Featured Speaker - Lynn Howard Amanda Furgiuele talking about How to Grow Your Badass Alliances: Build Your Business Like a Boss with Strategic Partnerships
Featured Speaker Jill Lublin talking about Create influence online so that your ideal clients are pre-sold into your programs and services.

Jill Lublin

How to Use Publicity to Boost Leads, Visibility and Profits

Exclusive VIP Gift: Jill Lublin’s Media Mastery Intensive (Value $197)

How Would You Like An Insider Access To Our Closed-Door Media Mastery Intensive… Where You Can ‘Copy & Paste’ Our Proven PR Strategies To Attract More Visibility To Your Business, Become A Celebrity In Your Niche, And Have A Long Waitlist of Dream Clients…
…Even in The Most Competitive Industries?
Enter the promo code heroes – a card will still be required but you will not be charged.

Reserve Your Exclusive VIP Resource Here.

Jamie McKean

How to Build Trust and Connection, in an Automated Way

Exclusive VIP Gift: Design Your Own Path 30 Minute Consultation

Reserve Your Exclusive VIP Session Here.


Featured Speaker Jamie McKean talking about Deliver incredible client experiences without working 24/7 through personalized automation.
Featured Speaker - Kelley O'Hara talking about Double your conference and stage revenue with 5 simple steps to book gigs on autopilot.

Kelley O’Hara

5 Simple Steps to Secure a Steady Stream of Conference and Event Stage Appearances


Exclusive VIP Gift: One Month Free in SpeakerTunity Members Only®, the membership program for people who want to get booked!

• 4500+ conference leads sorted by category so you can easily find the right ones for you
• 120 live & virtual speaker leads at meetings, venues and associations
• 40 lifestyle or “life-enhancing” podcast leads
• 40 “business to business” podcast leads
• 100 virtual summits (20-30 new ones) and 15 giveaway promotional events

Reserve Your Exclusive VIP Resource Here.


Catharine O’Leary

Ditch Lead Generation and Switch to Client Attraction


Exclusive VIP Gift: Becoming a Client Whisperer (Value $497)

Use the tools right at your fingertips to better understand what your ideal clients are looking for and needing

Reserve Your Exclusive VIP Resource Here.

Featured Speaker - Catharine O'Leary talking about Skyrocket your list faster when you ditch lead generation and switch to client attraction.
Featured Speaker Kim Groshek talking about Learn to build your business empire with focus and follow through without it leading to burnout or working 24/7.

Kim Groshek

Building Your Business Empire With Focus & Follow Through That Doesn’t Lead to Burnout


Exclusive VIP Gift: The Focused Leader: A Power Session with Kim (Value: $500)

A Deep Dive into Your Goals: Kim will work with you to define your strategic action plan. Together, you’ll craft a personalized action plan with clear steps to achieve your goals, maximize your focus, and optimize your workflow. Plus learn powerful mindfulness strategies to manage stress, enhance focus, and boost your overall well-being, leading to better decision-making and a more empowered leadership style.

Reserve Your Exclusive VIP Session Here.

Jay Fairbrother

10X Your Impact and Scale Your Business at the Same Time… without a Big List or Fancy Funnel


Exclusive VIP Gift: The Coach’s Ultimate Pricing and Profitability Planner (Value $97)

Learn how to increase prices, how to know how many customers you need to hit your revenue goals and how to determine the profitability of each of your programs. Use this planner to map out a complete plan to scale your business!

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Featured Speaker - Jay Fairbrother talking about 10X y our impact and find more high-ticket clients without a big list or fancy funnel.
Featured Speaker - Virginia Muzquiz talking about Boost your bottom line and add an incremental 6+ figures through referrals from other high-ticket service providers.

Virginia Muzquiz

How to Build a 6+Figure Network


Exclusive VIP Gift: Business by Referral eCourse (Value $77)

This 10-day course delivered straight to your inbox will show you, step by step, how to create a network of referral sources, joint venture partners and strategic collaborators that proactively promote, connect and refer you, purposefully inject multi-six-figures in revenue into your sales funnel and bullet-proof your business so you can have success no matter what’s happening in your life or the marketplace!  PLUS, you’ll never be alone on the journey, because I’ll be available inside our private Get Connected! Facebook Group to provide feedback and answer your questions!

Reserve Your Exclusive VIP Resource Here.

Randy Belham

Mastering the Mindset for High-Ticket Success


Exclusive VIP Gift: One VIP will Win a Spot in the Exclusive Elevate360 Coaching Program (Value $2,999)

This program is designed to take you from feeling overwhelmed and underperforming to experiencing confidence and growth in your business. Imagine starting with doubts about your next steps and finishing with a clear, actionable plan that drives revenue and aligns with your vision.

The Winner Will Be Announced After the Summit.


Featured Speaker - Randy Belham talking about Master the inner game and finally get out of your own way to get paid what you are worth.

Coming Post Event: Speaker Replays