Apply to Speak At The:

Heroes of High-Ticket Business Growth Virtual Summit

Happening May 28-30th, 2024.

Heroes of High-Ticket Business Growth Virtual Summit May 28-30th, 2024. Hosted by Christine Campbell Rapin

The focus of this virtual event is to equip business owners, typically earning less than $200K in revenue looking to scale profitably, without working 70+ hours a week with the marketing, sales, and operational know how to grow a highly scalable and profitable business through High-Ticket service offerings.


We are looking for speakers that:

      • Walk their talk and are successful business owners where they build their business with high-ticket programs and services.
      • Are willing to address the elephant in the room including why are business owners struggle to attract high ticket clients and convert offers so that we have an honest conversation about what it takes to thrive serving a high-ticket clientele.
      • Are willing provide tactical and practical strategies that work (not just in theory but through examples) to guide our audience to the results they seek: more income and impact.
      • Have an active email list of at 2500+ and are prepared to collaborate in the co-marketing of this event with 2 solo emails, 1 email newsletter blurb and 4 social media posts.

If this is you, we invite you to apply to be one of our featured guest speakers.

Let's Get Started:

    • Event Format & Agenda

    • Each speaker will have a 30 minute time slot.
    • The first 5 minutes will include an introduction by the event host, Christine Campbell Rapin, and a short interview to bring the “elephant out of the room” and talk about why this key “hero” often falls short of deliveiring its potential and how to use it more effectively to generate more high-ticket client growth.
    • The speaker will then have 20 minutes to delivery their talk including the opportunity to offer a FREE gift (no selling from the stage or within 3 weeks of the event).  Speakers have the option to use slides if they wish.
    • In between every second speaker, there will be a networking session where attendees will be invited to breakout rooms to discuss and explore the key concepts delivered by the most recent 2 speakers. We invite speakers to be part of these breakout rooms as this is where you as a speaker can enhance your value to the audience.
    • The success of this event is dependent on a cooperative marketing effort. As a fetaured speaker you are agreeding to actively promote this event with a minimum of two solo emails plus one newsletter blub and 4 social media posts.
    • There is a $297 USD Speaker Fee to participate in this event which will be shared by email if you have been invited to speak at this event.
    • This speaker fee will be refunded (or can be donated to the Cochrane Food Bank on your behalf) when speakers generate 30+ registrations through their unique affiliate link.
    • All invited featured speakers must complete a media release prior to final confirm their participation which will be sent by email.
    • The anticipated agenda is that Day 1 & 2 will be filled with featured Guest Speakers and run from 9am – 3pm PST. Day 3 will be a deep dive hosted by the event host. Exact timings for the event and speaker specifics will be shared no later than 30 April 2024.
    • Speaker Application

    • Next Steps

We will review all speaker applications and advise if you have been selected for the Heroes of High-Ticket Business Growth Virtual Event within 5 business days of receipt of your application.

If invited to speak, please complete the following next steps to secure your commitment:

      • Complete the payment of the $297 Speaker Fee – a link will be provided in your confirmation email.
      • Complete and return signed the speaker media agreement – a copy will be provided in your confirmation email.
      • Provide the event host with your planned promotional support dates by 30 April 2024.

Look for graphics and swipe files to use in your promotional activity towards the end of April/Early May.

If you need to make any changes to your free gifts please send an update to our team at contact @ christinecampbellrapin dot com.

    • Who Else Do You Know That Would Be a Great Speaker For For this Event?

We love it when great speakers refer other great speakers. If you know someone who would be a great fit for this virtual summit, please share this page or make a personal introduction to Christine. Her email is hello @ christinecampbellrapin dot com.