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  • The first one is a 1-hour training which is the roadmap I use to personally grow my business and covers the 3 non-negotiable business foundations in greater detail.
  • The next are five 20-minute trainings which are solo podcast episodes from my top rated  show: Amplify Your Marketing Message with Christine Campbell Rapin.

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Jumpstart Your _____, Volume VI Book.

How to Scale & Attract High Paying Clients Consistently – Without Complicated Tech

In this 1-hour webinar (previously recorded live), you will learn the exact roadmap that we at CLEAR Acceleration Inc. use to grow our business as well as the model that we mentor our clients to use as well in the Business Scale Accelerator Mentorship Programs.


Learn to build the 3 business foundations your business needs an identify any gaps you personally may need to bridge to create your own client growth engine.

Top 5 Podcast Episodes to Build Solid Business Foundations to Build Your Empire

You need an effective strategy to stand out from the sea of sameness in a crowded B2B marketplace. This is why I have curated this list of five of my favourite 20-minute podcast solo episodes to help you to Jumpstart Your Business Growth.

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 Episode 038: 6 Free Strategies to Build an Audience of Buyers

Listen to this episode to learn:

    • Beware of spending to acquire leads through paid advertising before you have a minimum viable product. 
    • 6 Low cost strategies to build an audience of buyers.
    • Connection is the most important currency to build momentum in order to create consistent client growth.
Amplify Your Marketing Message with Christine Campbell Rapin - Your B2B Marketing Podcast.
Episode 036: Overcome your Blind Spots & Accelerate Client Growth

Listen to this episode to learn:

    • The 2 most common hidden blind spots most business owners have that are hurting their lead generation and client acquisition efforts.
    • What to look for in a thinking partner if you want to speed up client growth by applying your own zone of genius to your business more effectively.
    • Why working with the right business mentor who has a strong understanding of buyer psychology and both marketing and sales expertise leads to higher client conversion rates and faster and more effective decision making.
Episode 034: Step Out of Overwhelm & Pick a Marketing As a Business Owner

Listen to this episode to learn:

    • That you don’t have to use every marketing tactic out there to compete in today’s marketplace.
    • How to step out of overwhelm and find what works for you as a marketing tactic to grow your business.
    • The importance of the compound effect and picking a lane to focus on while getting support to stay the course.
Episode 030: 4 Essential Types of Content to Attract More Clients

Listen to this episode to learn:

    • Why understanding that different types of content are needed to build the “know, like and trust” factors with potential buyers.
    • The 4 different types of content that are needed to achieve consistent client conversion rates.
    • The recommended optimal percentage of each type of content that moves a potential buyer from curios to a paid client.

Episode 026: How to Price Your Programs & Services as a Small Business Owner

Listen to this episode to learn:

    • The common pricing mistakes freelancers, business consultants, small business owners and entrepreneurs make that limits revenue & profitability.
    • The 2 factors that drive client decision making when presenting an offer and how to boost your client conversion rates.
    • The most important question to ask in order to increase profitability and client retention rates.

About Your Business Mentor

Christine Campbell Rapin is a business advisor and the owner of CLEAR Acceleration Inc. She is an energetic, tell-it-like-it-is advisor, mentor, consultant and speaker with more than 25 years’ experience in marketing, sales and operations working with start ups to the biggest companies on the planet. She believes that business can be elegantly simple when you know what to focus on to create success. Christine is an international best-selling author,holds has a Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA in International Business.

CLEAR Acceleration Inc. advises and mentors service based business owners on strategies to accelerate revenue and profit through increased client growth.

We help you to build an audience of buyers with intentional visibility strategies, learn to master your marketing messaging to attract high paying clients consistently and confidently make offers that deliver valued results and result in consistent new client growth.

What Clients Have to Say

Check out this client testimonial from Anna Thellmann owner of Thellmann Enterprise Management Consulting Ltd.

Anna invested in the Business Accelerator Program and worked with Christine & CLEAR Acceleration to gain clarity and build her audience of buyers.

She’s now rocking her business selling consistently high ticket offers and filling her group programs.